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Affordable Logo Design For Small Business

Keeping in line with our ethos at Sorella Designs we thought it is essential to be able to provide a logo design service that can tailor to small businesses and enterprises across the UK. Starting out with a small budget sounds very familiar to us a Sorella Designs, to be accurate I believe we started the business with just about £36 pounds in the bank! Having experienced this we thought it is essential to cater for the low-cost market as there are so many awesome businesses in the UK and waiting to be discovered. We understand not every company can afford a £200+ log so we try our best to help you guys out. We have built a very solid reputation from Facebook and gathered an awesome following of unique businesses and awesome people along the way!

So if you’re a small/medium business get in touch we would love to hear your ideas.

Our Prices

We charge £25 Per Logo! That’s all really, we would write several Terms and Conditions but the truth is there isn’t any. We will produce your logo in a very reasonable and fast timeframe and you can change it as many times as you like! We also deliver it in any size or format so you will not end up paying for any hidden extras!

What to do if you would like a new logo

  • Send us your ideas
  • If you have a prefered colour scheme let us know
  • Check our portfolio to see if anything takes your fancy
  • Follow us on Facebook too. It will be easier to stay in touch via messenger

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today